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Fierce on the Page

Fierce on the Page

Every writer’s guide to writing and living better

You have everything you need—and you are everything you need—to do the writing you are meant to do. And yet the path to success can be difficult to find and follow.

Veteran author and writing guide Sage Cohen believes that ferocity is your best compass for finding your true way forward. In Fierce on the Page, she shows you how to transform your attitude and practices so you can:

  • Unleash your creativity
  • Cultivate your strengths
  • Overcome resistance, fear, and other obstacles
  • Define success on your own terms
  • Move intentionally toward your goals
  • Become unstoppable in your evolution

In this collection of contemplative and inspiring essays, you’ll unlock the secrets to crafting your best writing and your best life.

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A Celebration of Student Work

In April 2020, a collective of 70 poets produced a daily poem in response to a daily prompt as part of the Write a Poem a Day class offered through Sage School. This student showcase is a celebration of their work.

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Sage Cohen’s Fierce on the Page is brimming with keys that are essential for every writer and will empower you to experience new paradigms of productivity, sufficiency, and fulfillment.Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money
Sage Cohen inspires us each to become—through the passionate work of writing—the best of our possible selves.Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita
Like nothing I’ve ever read, Fierce on the Page brings honest inspiration to the multi-faceted, never-ceasing challenge of the writing process. With story, humor, grace, heart, and vast experience, Cohen teaches us to forge our own path through the intertwined tasks of creating an authentic human life and an authentic writing life. I am recommending this book to every writer I know.Lyanda Haupt, author of The Urban Bestiary and Crow Planet
In more than 70 short and beautiful essays, Cohen delves into every aspect of a writer’s psychological, emotional and creative journey. Each essay is a gem filled with a story and loving guidance for how to take the next brave step into your writing life. Beware: you will lust for writing after reading this book.Gigi Rosenberg, author of The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing
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