Productivity Tip Tuesday: Start where you are

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“Every book and article by a famous writer will say that you need to have a daily writing practice in order to be successful. And I’m not discounting that, but only offering the caveat that it’s easy for them to say this—they are further along in their success with being productive writers than we are. And offering this advice to those of us who are still hard at work creating a productive practice can feel like someone asking me to run a marathon tomorrow when I have a casual running habit of three to four days a week for twenty to thirty minutes. We are an advice-driven society and these famous folks are just trying to help. Instead I would offer that each of us ought to try to meet ourselves where we are—every day, every week, every month. Growing into a productive writer is what absolutely everyone has to be willing to do. It’s what they did before they got their projects off the ground. And it’s what we can do if we are patient.”—Sara Guest, poet, fiction writer and editor of VoiceCatcher 3

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