Productivity Tip Tuesday: Find it Online Faster

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“It’s great to spend time reading, traveling, interviewing, and soaking up atmosphere. But in reality, depending on the story, you can often achieve verisimilitude with a much smaller investment of resources. Online, you can find three-dimensional maps that put you in the street, reams of searchable data about every imaginable topic, and images that help you find just the right words. Once you have your first draft nailed, you can determine what additional information will make your characters and their worlds come alive for your readers and track it down.”—F.I. Goldhaber, published  poet, novelist, short story writer and author of Pair of Poems.

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2 Comments on “Productivity Tip Tuesday: Find it Online Faster”

  1. I find that watching tv and drawing images from what I see on the screen into a pastiche of metaphor and simile jumpstarts my creativity for writing a poem.

    Rosalyn Marhatta

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