Productivity Tip Tuesday: Break it Down

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“To help me focus on the most important projects I need to give attention to each day, I identify three or four major projects each week that are the most important on my list. Then I schedule in time for them every day. I also schedule in small tasks that will let me take breaks from the major work, but still get work done. If I finish a project before the week is up, I may look for additional tasks from my secondary list I can add in to fill the time. Or I may use the extra time as a reward for getting the work done on schedule and go out for a cup of coffee.

Since I started working this way, I’ve surprised myself with how much I can do in a week. I had a task list before, but I created it each day from what I felt were that day’s priorities. That meant I didn’t look at the big picture often enough, and sometimes I was left scrambling to finish big projects. Life is much more calm for me with this system.”

—Cindy Hudson, author of Book by Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs

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