Dear Theo,

Sage CohenThe life poetic3 Comments

Don’t let anyone tell you an apple
tastes the same in slices as it does
in bites. Or that you won’t find
sharks and elephants and mommies
on Old MacDonald’s farm. You know
the ladybug and her captor spider
have equal rights in the weave
of life, and that metaphor can be
chewed from toast. May you find
in pirate ships the reflection
of your treasure. May you learn
from my mistakes, though they
can’t spare you. When the pain
gets too great, paper your heart
with bees’ secrets. Look to
sweetness for shelter.

3 Comments on “Dear Theo,”

  1. This touches my mama heart. Thank you for posting, Sage. Yes indeed, look to sweetness for shelter. What a beautiful line.

  2. Ahh yes sweetness is found in some of the seemingly forbiden places even in stings.

    My gratitude for your work and words.

    M.L. Tracy

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