Dear Divorce,

Sage CohenSage poetry and prose, The life poetic12 Comments

Your branding iron hovers over me
as if there were only one way to give

up hope. The lawyer has advised me
who owes what. How we can expect

to be judged. There are precedents
for everything in the unwinding of

yours from mine. I know there have been
endless sons shuttled from half-home to

half-home that won’t add up to anything
whole. That this empty crib is a minor

chord thrumming through a great chorus
empty rooms. And I know my grief

is as common as a grocery store, overflowing
with hopeful rows of bright promises

not yet opened. But hear this, Divorce.
I made love a boat, and we all piled in.

When you come for me,
I’ll still be rowing.

12 Comments on “Dear Divorce,”

  1. Sage the ending as brilliance. Great job. If this is really happening to you I’m sorry. Divorce stinks.

  2. oh, sage. the best poem i have read in a long time… and how sad it makes me, too.
    what a beautiful voice you have.

  3. Sage
    You are one of the ‘greats’ in poetry in my book.
    Just so incredible. Always I can count on your words to rip right through me and cause a ripple of transformation-change the scenery in my head.
    Thank you.

    ps: I’m sending you a song..called Use Your Napkin Not Your Mom… a wonderful hillbilly song that paints the colorful world of motherhood. You are a beauty Sagacious!

  4. I read your article in the Writers Digest Yearbook about 10 Ways to Harness your fear and Fuel your writing. Great article, loved it. I am a big fan of poetry and so I decided to type in the pathofpossibility and that brought me here. Great poetry, heartfelt and so genuine.

    Thank you for your inspirational words.


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