What’s hope got to do with it?

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What if you could be sure a whole self and a whole life awaited you on the other side of divorce? What if divorce was actually an opportunity to discover and claim the truest parts of you?

A year and a half ago when my husband moved out, these are the questions I started asking. I was incredibly fortunate to connect with three other divorced moms online who were in a similar inquiry process. We listened to each others’ stories, shared our deepest griefs and greatest desires–and came to a shared conclusion: divorce can be a hopeful transition to a more authentic and fulfilling future.

Holding this possibility through two of my most difficult years was lifesaving. My friends felt the same. Which is why we are sharing  this hopeful message with other divorcing moms through an online guided journey, hopeful divorce: field notes from a friend.

Hopeful Divorce offers a year of daily, practical and soul-fortifying support for the most pressing concerns and challenges divorcing mothers face, such as:

What happens now? Everything is changing so fast, I’m not sure where I’ll land.

Hopeful Divorce proposes that what is broken by divorce has an opportunity to become even more authentically whole. Participants are invited into a practice of contemplating new possibilities, mourning and releasing what they are leaving behind, finding strength and inspiration in who they are becoming, and moving toward their emerging vision of love and self care.

My married friends can’t relate to what I’m going through. Who can I talk to who understands?

You are not alone!  Hopeful Divorce offers an opportunity to connect with others who relate to your deepest fears, who share similar day-to-day challenges and who can share the resources that have carried them through. Our online forum, hosted by moms just like you who have weathered the storms of divorce, provides just the support you need.

Will my kids be okay? How can I help them through this process?

Hopeful Divorce calls moms back to their authority and center. By equipping them with the insights they need to cultivate power, access inner wisdom, tap emotional truths and navigate grace, this journey reminds each mother that the courage she is living right now is one of the most profound anchors she can offer her child(ren) — and that the hope she is cultivating is their birthright.

What if mothers could be guided safely to a hopeful life on the other side of divorce?

Hopeful Divorce offers mothers exactly what its founders found so valuable in supporting each other: a daily check-in from a fierce, wise and loving friend who knows just what you’re facing. Seasoned guides, authors and divorced mothers Sage Cohen (yours truly!) and Jennifer New share their hearts and their insights by email every weekday for an entire year. Participants receive stories, prompts, quotes and poems designed to evoke hope, healing and wholeness. Everyone is invited to join the private forum after the first month.

What if single mothers could afford self-care when they need it most?

Hopeful Divorce costs just $55 for a full year of daily emails (less than $5/month). For the first 100 registrants, the cost is reduced to $40. You can even send gift certificates for friends going through divorce whom you’d like to support! Registration is open at www.hopefuldivorce.com.

What if a hopeful world were more possible with every hopeful divorce?

Ten percent of revenue generated from hopeful divorce goes into a scholarship fund for single mothers in Rwanda in need of vocational training to support themselves and their children. Inspired by Hopeful World partner and single mother Odette Umurerwa, the Hopeful Divorce Turikumwe Scholarship Fund provides the chance young women need to learn a trade and economically gain independence – especially in situations where staying in a difficult marriage would compromise basic safety and sustenance.

Hopeful Divorce is a product of Hopeful World, a global classroom where wisdom, knowledge and stories seed the ground of personal transformation and social change.

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If you are a mother going through divorce, or if you know a mother who could use support, we would be so honored to accompany you (or your friend) across this powerful threshold. You can learn more at www.hopefuldivorce.com. Here’s to a hopeful future for all of us.

2 Comments on “What’s hope got to do with it?”

  1. The idea of a hopeful divorce sounds promising, but
    I am curious how your site helps women who are unfairly losing custody of their children by paid psychologist and abusive firms.

    1. Hopeful Divorce is not intended to take the place of counsel and support from the medical, spiritual and legal community. It is designed to offer mothers emotional support, friendship and community–with a goal of giving mothers greater access to their own, inner resources as they tackle unprecedented challenges.

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