Like the Heart, the WorldExplore how loss becomes a kind of homecoming

Sage Cohen’s first full-length collection explores the concentricities of inner and outer landscapes. Like the Heart, the World accompanies the reader through the blighted streets of New York losses, the oceanic melancholies of San Francisco and Portland’s orchestral embrace of the ripening, welcomed self. Get yours.

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Throw your shoulder
into the weight
of door lay down
your human
condition roll in
the sweet hay
of horse secrets
on the nothing
you know
Sage Cohen, Like the Heart, the World

Nagoone Berries

The thorn bush holds her secrets
low to the ground.
In the privacy of rain
we kneel together,
heads bent to the berries.
Lush with leaf and hush
our voices settle like fog
among the unspoken
as we stain and bruise ourselves
with fruit. The earth drinks
and drinks until it spills open
and raw like a prayer book saturated
with God’s desire for humanity.
We are a rhythm of choosing, crawling
along the bloated field through
necklaces of vine. The berries fall
wide-eyed into our collecting cup.
You carry that tender burden
of severed fruit home.
You stand over the stove,
cooking sacrifice
down to sugar.
Sage Cohen, Like the Heart, the World

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