Writing the Life PoeticNo one needs an advanced degree in creative writing to reap the rewards of poetry.

Writing the Life Poetic, brought to you by Sage Cohen and Writers Digest Books, puts poetry back into the hands of the people—not because they are aspiring to become the poet laureate of the United States—but because poetry is one of the great pleasures in life.

Writing the Life Poetic is packed full of captivating new ways to generate ideas and have fun with the writing process. 80 short, friendly chapters address a mix of content, process and craft ideas designed to help you:

  • Find the inspiration you need to put pen to paper immediately
  • Transform the raw materials of experience and emotion into language
  • Build skills and confidence in your poetic voice
  • Learn some key craft techniques and enjoy experimenting with them
  • Engage in (or breathe new life into) a writing and reading practice
  • Get excited about the possibilities of poetry
Poetry is as unique and personal as fingerprints. No one else will ever write what you write, the way you write it. Writing the Life Poetic is designed to help you find your place in poetry by tuning into the poetry of your life—and getting it down on the page.

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“Poems hold us to a higher standard by which we become more visible to ourselves and more authentic in that unveiling. It is only by writing ourselves through this poetry prism – then sharing what we’ve written – that we can arrive at the threadbare intimacies of ‘real’.”
Sage Cohen, Writing the Life Poetic

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