Read what people are saying about Writing the Life Poetic

“Instructional without being text-bookish, inspirational without being preachy, suggestive without being demanding, goes beyond the assemblage of quality how-to poetry books to become a work of art––with endless rows of blank canvasses on either side for the reader’s own brush strokes.”Shawn Sorensen, Oregon Writers Colony
“For me, the special gift of this book is its open and compassionate invitation to participate in the dance of poem making. To begin where you are. That permission, in itself, is enormous.”Mari L’Esperance, author of The Darkened Temple
“I am one of those readers who underline in pencil in books such as this to highlight thoughts and ideas but Writing the Life Poetic is so full of gems that I can’t do this or I would underline the whole book. Sage Cohen has coalesced much about writing and poetry in a heartfelt, accessible way. She truly does take poetry writing off its pedestal and straight into the mainstream of your life in the most practical and encouraging way. Great for people writing independently, for groups, for beginners or those needing new enthusiasm.”Terri V, reviewer
“Filled with ideas and exercises, this inviting book coaxes poets at all levels to observe, listen, think, feel, and remember the countless ways to get into a poem.”Mary Harwell Sayler, author of 20 books
“While Cohen’s aim is to guide readers through different aspects of reading and writing poetry, nearly everything she says can be applied to any type of writing, or, for that matter, any creative endeavor. Just as one doesn’t have to be a gardener in order to enjoy a tour through a friend’s treasured garden, there’s an abundance of beauty here for poet and non-poet alike.”Alirambles, reviewer