The Art of Asking for It

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There’s so much in life that’s out of our hands. One variable we are (mostly) in charge of is ourselves. If you want to turn what stalls you into what accelerates you, adjusting your attitude and approach can take you there. Let’s start with something you are likely to have plenty of: dissatisfaction. Most of us express our dissatisfaction by … Read More

We’re better together

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Writing is commonly thought to be a solo activity. But I believe that a sustainable writing life takes a village. When we feel connected to community and are engaged in collaboration, our productivity and satisfaction can exponentially increase. When we gather to share our work, explore our ideas, and declare our intentions, we increase our odds of success. {tweet it} Why? … Read More

Making the Crossing: A Poetry Workshop for People in Transition

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Hello and happy National Poetry Month! I am so delighted to be offering a free (with admission or membership) live poetry workshop this month designed to help you navigate transition. Transitions can be powerful times of creative energy. And poetry can be a potent way to harness and steer this energy toward greater clarity and intention. I invite you to join me in the … Read More

Craft and productivity workshops

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Happy New Year! I’m very excited to be launching 2014 with two learning opportunities. If you’d like to increase the potency of your language or build momentum in your writing life, I hope you’ll join me! Making It in Changing Times Writing Conference WORKSHOP: Fierce on the Page: Increase the Potency and Impact of Your Language Fierce writers create a … Read More

Let’s meet in person!

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I am so grateful for the connections I am able to create and sustain virtually — with writers and readers all over the world. And, it’s a very special treat to experience the alchemy that happens when we get to be together in the same place to write and plan and dream and stir the possibility pot. I’m getting very … Read More

See you at the Willamette Writers Conference today!

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THE PRODUCTIVE POET workshop Successful poets live and write in alignment with their aspirations. While no two poets are striving for exactly the same results, we all have the opportunity to put solid systems, strategies and attitudes in place to keep us moving toward what we value most. Sage Cohen will share the top ten ways to exponentially increase the … Read More

A free class, a scholarship, and three, great ways to get poeming in January

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No cash left after the holiday hooplah? No problem! To support you in making 2011 your best writing year yet, I’m offering a free teleclass on fear, two scholarships to my Poetry for the People classes in January, (Don’t forget that scholarship applications are due by Friday, December 31!) and three different ways to engage in your life poetic as … Read More

Join me in a FREE teleclass on navigating fear

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Thursday, January 6, 2011 // 5:30 to 6:30 PM, PST (8:30 to 8:30 PM, ET) FREE Teleclass through The Renegade Writer: Using Fear as Fuel When Writing and Querying Do you struggle with fear, perfectionism, or feelings of inadequacy in your writing and publishing life? Have you avoided opportunities or challenges because you were certain that you’d be rejected or … Read More

7 great ways to make 2011 more poetic and productive

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January is going to be one heckuva month over here at Path of Possibility world headquarters! I’ll be launching three, online classes for students around the world, reading at several free (and inspiring) Portland events, speaking in New York City and offering a free teleclass to listeners everywhere. (Plus, if you’re in the Portland area, I’d love to say hello … Read More