By Sage Cohen

The opposite of time is Auschwitz.
5 people, 6 griefs, the clapper

of a bell once kissed by brides
wanting children. Because I could,

I spoke: Ecstasy, Czechoslovakia, 1933.
The pebble is recalcitrant until

you take it in. Eventually
those boys will leave home.

You expect me to be
you and know you

though the knife can not divide
itself. Evolutionary pacifism:

The science of elephants.
The elephants of science.

Those who act will suffer,
suffer into truth: the truth

of the protagonist. Those
who can not act will

suffer more. The taste
of your own tongue

in your mouth as you
make yourself obsolete.

Dismantling the obvious into
its component possibilities

she stands
in a closet soon

to be empty calling
it pleasure.