Poems for business


Whether you want to showcase a product or service, share a corporate manifesto, or express a unique value proposition, a poem can deliver your message directly to the reader’s bloodstream.

With three decades of poetry + marketing expertise, I can elevate any business with a poem that illuminates the most essential reasons to believe.

Recent businesses served include: boutique health spa, music studio, and global tech corporation.

Let’s get your business the buzz it deserves with a poem!


Here’s how we’ll create your poem.

Within three business days of purchase, we will meet to kick off your project and collaboratively develop a strategic brief that informs creative development.

With two rounds of review prior to final approval, you’ll be a key contributor to the final message expressed in your business poem.

Depending on your timing, the development process takes from two to five business weeks.

Let’s start with a quick consult (see the Contact section of this site) to discuss your needs and see if we’re a match.