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Want to make poetry writing irresistible? This creative companion will take you there—whether you are a beginner or an experienced poet. 30 brief lessons bursting with inspiration invite you to read, write, and revel in poems every day. Each lesson includes a rich selection of example poems, prompts, photos, and tips to keep you attuned to your poetic insights and impulses. From literary to lifestyle, you’ll explore ways to cultivate a reliable creative practice. So, you write and delight in the poetry of your life. Brought to you by Sage Cohen, author of Writing the Life Poetic from Writer’s Digest Books.

7 reviews for Write a Poem a Day eBook

  1. Laura Loescher

    This ebook makes everything come alive! I bought the Kindle version, which is great for reading on my device when I’m away from my computer, but love having this PDF version too – it has color and photos and feels so alive and inviting! Wonderful to have open on my bigger screen while I’m writing. Much prefer this to reading on the Kindle. Thank you Sage for putting the time into creating this version of the new Write a Poem a Day book.

  2. Petr Lyo

    I was part of write poem a day in April 2020 or21, and It was great experience for me as my English skill is not high. I didnt write much poems at that time and it was great experience of easy flow with rhymes. Every day was diferent and every poems was shaped form diferent perspective.
    BOdy holds warm pleassere feeling baout that time and Im thrilled to have book so I can continue with it.

  3. Carolyn Martin

    Sage Cohen, a master teacher, has done it again. Her latest poetry craft book, Write A Poem A Day, is lively, well-crafted, and enticing. The prompts with accompanying models work for every level of poet, and the community sharing their work online is already thriving. Brava, Sage for being a champion of the poetic life.

  4. Tina Tau

    Write a Poem a Day is a luscious book. Full of remarkable, varied poems and fantastic prompts. I’ve written a poem a day before, and found it to be very nourishing–but using these prompts gets me out of my own groove and lets me find some new parts to my voice, some new possibilities. Very exciting. And there is such a feeling of support and enthusiasm, coming from Sage–a master teacher, I will agree.

  5. Allison Green

    After a few difficult years, I needed a jump start to get writing again. A friend recommended Sage Cohen’s workshops and, although I hadn’t written poetry in a long time, I thought I’d try it. The book and online community have been everything I hoped for. Intriguing prompts, links to great poems, encouragement. Highly recommend, even for people like me who mostly write prose.

  6. Bruce Gunther

    Two decisions helped change my poetry writing routine for the better – this book and the online community hosted by Sage. I loved the book’s daily prompts, the fantastic poems used as examples, and the general vibe, which is one of encouragement and inspiration. Sage, with all of her wisdom, and in her enthusiastic, supportive, and generous way, is a fantastic guide along the writing journey.

  7. Colette Tennant

    Sage Cohen’s Write a Poem a Day is filled with generous, helpful prompts. Other 30-day prompts I’ve purchased n the past pale in comparison to this one. It actually offers many more than 30 prompts. Each day’s section contains multiple prompts, based on Sage Cohen’s own stellar poems as well as links to many other poets’ work. Whether you’re an experienced poet or new to the craft, don’t miss this helpful book.

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