Table of Contents


Jennifer Crain: Something in the Garden, Leaving

Eileen Davis Elliott: Why Won’t the Nuns Just Leave Me Alone?, In the United Methodist Basement After the 10 O’Clock Service

Gwen Hart: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Pinecone, Poem Welded Together from 47 Titles (Poem-a-Day 2019)

Jill Kelly: A grief few talk about, 13 Ways to Use a Painting

Laura Loescher: The Maps Drawn by Death, Free To Be

Mary Londos: Refuse-Woman, Plus-one

Dawn Montefusco: Mother, Eavesdropping

KJ Patten: The Uprising, I Kissed

Melanie Pirollo: A Sunbow, Acceptance

Lois Rosen: Amore, Poetry in ESL Class

Darcy J. Scholts: Primordial Night, Cliff Cabinet

Tesa Silvestre: These hands, Dear Half-Baked Poem,