Poems by Laura Loescher


The Maps Drawn by Death

Endings tend to leave their mark
Carving a scar or a scarlet letter
Or drawing a map that helps us make meaning

If we learn to see
through wisdom’s eyes
we will notice that
the maps drawn
by every death

Follow me
Feel your feelings
This is the way to freedom



It may strike you as odd
that what helps me feel free to be me
is the acquaintance I’ve made
with a very unique tree

Labels and boxes and one-track lives
are at worst deadly, at best a bore
We can forget that most of us are both/and
instead of an either/or

What’s so great about
the towering giant of which I speak?
Some observers might furrow their brows
when they stop and take a peek

This very special creature
is both a cedar AND an oak
It’s delightfully true!
I’m not even telling a joke!

She – it – they – them
grow with trunks intertwined
Branches embracing so sweetly
it can boggle the mind

So let us feel proud to be our whole selves
This is the tree blessing coming your way
We are free to be cedars AND oaks (and so much more)
For now, my friends, that is all I will say