Poems by Melanie Pirollo


A Sunbow

Pompous pale peonies nod in the sun
Confined in cut glass
drinking in their last days,
passing out joy
to their audience and creator
Worshipping, as it were
bowing, praising – surrendered
They stand upright for days
in water, beauty and strength
Each sculpted, pleated petal,
awash in pink,
stays in place, for our pleasure
Then, gently lifted and carried out,
Returned to the ground
The chiseled vase empty and clean
awaits the next bouquet
And so it goes – beauty, grace and praise
Pompous and pale people nod
in the sun,
confined in worry
or worse
doubting in their last days,
Passing on what exactly,
to their audience and creator?



I found comfort in my grief
in a leaf
In its glory green and purposeful
Laughing with the breeze
Sharing shade with ease

Accepting changes and longing and loss
with grace
Gradually turning brilliant sienna red-yellow
ruby and rose

Dignified and resolute
frail and fragile
You join the others on the ground gracefully
wondrously at peace