Poems by Tesa Silvestre


These hands 

These hands of mine
have 27 bones each,
and none of them
ever broke.

They like
to start the day
saluting the sun,
then gliding freely
across the page
creating words
out of thin air.

They painted a squirrel last week
with a crown of pink flowers.
Tomorrow, they will fill
the car’s tank.

These hands
held the children’s book
I read to my mother
the night before she died.

They spread my father’s ashes
in the rose garden
behind Notre Dame
near the bridge
where he stood, smiling,
when he was twenty something,
on that black and white photo
he gave me when I last saw him.

These hands know
how to hold my heart
when it hurts.

And I felt
they deserved
a poem.


Dear Half-Baked Poem,

I know you were hoping
to be born by midnight,
but the muse was cooked
and called it a day.

She did leave
these prompts behind,
and this short message:
“Be patient!
I do my best work
while sleeping.”

It looks like she has
an epistle in mind.

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