Table of Contents


Roxanne Bash: Loveliness in Motion; Garden Diary, April 7, 2020

Oona Coy: Gnomie’s Crossing Over; Be Grateful

Maura Doherty: Can You Knit Me a Shawl? Don’t Leave Me on a Shelf

Brian Dolan: Counting; Prose Poem

Deborah Dombrowski: A Sleek Black Angel;  Topsail Island, 1989

Jeanne Drevas: Good Times; What’s in a Song

Lana Hechtman Ayers: Information; What a Wonderful World

Hala Iman: This Little Light of Mine; Liminus

Jill Kelly: Addressing the Relationship; The Hard Step

Laura Loescher: Reverence for the Descent; Refuge

Petr Lyo: Are you Leaving?; Dear Dark Me,

Ajana Miki: Longing; Message from the Wind

Kathleen Millett: The Easter Bunny; Picking Mushrooms

Mary-Lynne Monroe: Our Lady of Clarity; To the Good Student

Marla Sacks: Dear Suicide; God’s Call Today

Darcy Scholts: Doom Cabinet; Office Terrarium

Lee Ann Smith: Before You Left; What Poetry is For

Paul Suter: Back in Time for Just One Day; Reforming the Sidewalk

Sue: It’s Always Been You, Words; Protest

Tina Tau: I’ve Tried Love; Letter Back from Mom

Mary Thomas: The Grind; Grace Notes