Poems by Hala Iman



I’m going to let it shine in the dark corners
Where homeless cringe at night
Cast a light on despotic powers
who subjugate us all through
our silent acquiescence

Let it shine on the waste, hate, fate
that despoils our mother earth
On the courts and jails that reduce
our youth to addiction and eradicate
their futures

I’m going to shine that light on the
unsung people who daily dig in the
dirt and bring us health
And those who clean, chop, haul,
build, teach and tend

I’ll shine it for you and for me
the dreamers, the soul builders,
the seekers, the peacekeepers,
the poets, musicians, shamans
guardians of that flame

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine



The fiery crucible is emptied and turning cold
Egos forged from precious ores cracked and spent
Our ranking in the order is now for naught
History and tradition meaningless rubrics

We stand here in this liminal space
Naked, empty and alone

Sit here, here where the breeze is warm
Where the earth murmurings are so soft
Music so hushed no words are discernible
Breathe out, exhale the last waft of ash

Dispose of all things that no longer serve
Pare away the shibboleths of useless dogma
Free yourself of blame and complicity
Erase fear, self-doubt and loathing

Too soon you will have to don the robes
Raise your voice and join the new world order
What will be your offering
What colors will you add to the holy design

Celestial choirs begin to vibrate
Clear springs are filling the baptismal font
Come with your hearts desires
Create the new day,  enter the dream