Poems by Kathleen Millett



After GED, get everything done,
there were three job opportunities.
Mainly, I am happy with the choice.
I mean, there’s a lot to be said
about job security for centuries.
Who’s going to give up on Christ?
It’s a relatively good deal
They dye the eggs
Just the hide and seek scenario

Whereas, the big guy
with the white beard –
overwhelming job
First off, a wife to care about
a herd of reindeer
one a mutant
and all those elves
plus governing the North Pole

One teeny tiny regret
the tooth fairy has wings
she self pilots AND gets to wear pink.
Hopping is good though
flying is premier.
There is the downside,
buying children’s teeth!
I mean, what do you do with those purchases?

Yeah, I’ll stay with the marshmallow chicks
and …. jelly beans.



she has always been near
in the early years, hanging on the wall
close to my bed.
she comforted me when dreams
of strange men in stripped prison clothes
stood at the end of the bed
she was there
kneeling in her red skirt and blue cardigan
open basket in hand
gathering white mushroom caps from green grass

as my mother did on her afternoon solo golf outings.
returning home with a fairway harvest
unzipping the canvas pouch that held balls and tees
and markers and mushrooms
then simmering on the electric stove, a small, dented aluminum pan
an earthy, fungal aroma, usually in fall, drifted
to the open door when I returned from school

the blue cardiganed girl
is near my bed now
doing what she has always done
offered comfort and reassurance
reminding of innocence, simplicity, tradition
I can smell the shiitakes simmering downstairs
In a dented aluminum pan
tonight’s dinner.