Poems by Marla Sacks



Never before, have I been so close to you, until you took my friend.

In the fall,
Lululemon NYC, hosted a panel event. Suicide prevention.
Kula (community) for Karma (actions, destiny) dot org (non-profit), setup the date.
Tag line; “No more suffering alone” the silent killer.

I never thought it would happen to my friend.

My brother and sister have both confessed at different times,
“I want to die. I’m going to take my life.”

Bro used to get in trouble,
now is more serene (cannabis for his pain and booze to soothe).
He chatters,
gets along with most people, a piece of work.
Pleasant, fine, funny, yet after a few hours enough is enough.
Manipulates, on disability, apartment in AZ and rent-controlled in the city.

I never thought it would happen to my friend.

Little sis, another story, large intestine is gone,
Dr’s steer her wrong.
Constipated. Complicated.
Autoimmune deficiency runs in the family, (her condition rare) and so I pray.
Depressed, pain,
haywire in her brain
(especially after the accident when a bus knocks her down).
Lots of meds, always alone, unwound.
Loves her dog and being silly,
“Aunt Abby Jill Simon says, touch your nose and toes”.

I never thought it would happen to my friend.

Mental health, physical discomfort.
Silent battles, hidden virus.
Hormones off balance.
Something happened 90 days ago.
Lack of sleep, medicate, hospital intervention, attempts kept quiet.
Suicide, demonic paralysis, like a cancer in the throw.

If she were here for her husband, daughters, friends and family,
I imagine, she’d be super meticulous with the cleaning,
a healthy regimen during this crazy isolation.
I wish Dear Julie, was here to join us on zoom.

One thing that might ease part of the disease.
It’s never too late, to learn how to meditate.
I’m open to guide anyone who wants to relax or release from toxins.
We need to prepare the battleships.
Fight for life; silent epidemic.
Death on the rise.

I never thought it would happen to my friend.
In the final escape, she jumps off a balcony.
Chemical imbalance persists,
a vicious struggle to let go,
dampens fairytale history.

Goodbye to you, my beautiful friend.






Loving intuitive.
Someone you can trust.
Illuminates from heart space,
to balance all emotions.
Swelling in both eardrums;
a watery pulse, intense heat,
internal itch.

My throat’s closing in on me.
I ask almighty what’s next in store,
for this body?
Allergic histamine,
reactions from fragrant flavonoids,
teas, herbs,
eliminate Balsams of Peru,
like cinnamon spice.

Bitter games, family riffs.
Spiritual source-
Outer space conquers.
Divides a tribe.
Slithers external life till death.
Tragic, unexpected exit.
Undying relationships encode nature.
Illusions of a fierce universe.

Lover, creator, destroyer of the people.
No idols to archive.
Only bliss to dismantle.
Reckless wire jabs.
Pain rushes.
Catapults down,
my left hip, shin and calf.
Stiff cramps, nerve drizzles,

God embraces,
amid dark black hues;
winter blues.
A distinguished call.
Unique pitch sounds,
A penguin’s beak.
Fathers, mothers, round up children.
Each member recognizes, hears and obliges.

As one element destroys;
others spike its spinning wheels,
opens 5th dimension,
cylinder vessel reels,
stagger weave,
travers gloss amuck
energetics tether together.