Poems by Roxanne Bash



I looked for you today
And saw you wake
From your long nap
Your rebirth
The early spring flowers
I planted with you in mind
Heather, wild lilac, Oregon grape
Are here to greet you
Nourish you, break your fast
Mud and water within easy reach
Right outside your door
Apple blossom, cherry, plum
Are on their way, your next course
You will repay my kindness
My little sweet bees
With the fruits of your labor
And pleasure I find
In watching you work.



I planted hopes this morning
Should see some sprouts in a day or two
I soaked them overnight
In tepid tap water
To give them a head start

The dreams I put in yesterday
From starts I purchased
Survived the shock of transplant
And last night’s cold snap
Good thing I had them under cover

I weeded out the peace and tranquility
And moved the truth
It wasn’t getting enough daylight
In its current location
It should do better with some heat

I think I’ll put in some wisdom
A smidge earlier this year
The conditions seem right
With a bit of luck I may have a bumper crop
Would be nice to have a bit extra on hand

My anxiety is doing just fine
I’ve found the right companion plant
In a splendid variety of friendship
I’ve placed them in a bed
Surrounded by little giggle flowers

Tomorrow I will plant more kindness