Write your poetry book in 30 days.
Then rapidly revise & publish it.

With Sage Cohen | Author, Poet, Instructor & Coach


Do you yearn to write poems but struggle to find the words to express yourself?
Do you wish you had the time and space to write poetry—but life always gets in the way?
Do you aspire to be a published poet but have no idea where to even begin?
Do you dream of seeing your poems bound in a beautiful book, telling your story as only you can?
Do you benefit from community support and a structured journey toward your goals?

Your voice matters.

Crafting and sharing your poems
can be easier than you imagine.

I’ll show you how.

"Sage is the most generous, kindhearted, inspirational poet/person/teacher I know. She has long been a mentor for me through her books and now she is exceeding my expectations as I engage in the We Write Community and The Published Poet Accelerator Program. Thank you, Sage!" – Kim Mounsey

The Published Poet Accelerator Program offers
a step-by-step journey from writing to revising to publishing a chapbook-length collection of 15-30 poems quickly and joyfully.

Whether you are new to writing and publishing or an experienced poet, this program will help catalyze your process and results.

  • Module 1: Write 30 poems in 30 days in less than 30 minutes/day
    Write in response to daily prompts and example poems that ignite your imagination and keep you inspired.
  • Module 2: Revise and create publication-ready poems
    Get a quick primer in poetic craft, a masterclass in revision, and a proofing checklist that give you confidence in your ability to revise and finish your poems.
  • Module 3: Offer your poems to the world
    Create a publication-ready chapbook of 15-30 poems. Discover the optimal publishing path for you. Prepare to leave your legacy.

This program is 100 percent virtual. So, you can tune in from wherever you are, at any time, and progress at your own pace. You’ll be supported in an immersive community cohort where you can share your work, get feedback, and be in conversation with poets like you around the globe.

“I’ve always longed to be a writer, but never knew I had poetry in me until I connected with Sage in her We Write community and her Published Poet Accelerator program. She is wise, knowledgeable, skilled, encouraging, and just plain fun. And she really knows how to build community. A highly polished professional with an incredible product.” – Betsy Kahn

If you’ve always wanted to powerfully express yourself in poetry,
The Published Poet Accelerator Program
will give you everything you need –
from writing your first poem to publishing your first collection.

“Sage is one of the wisest, most inspirational teacher/coach/poets I've ever worked with. Her new program, "Published Poet Accelerator Program," has already helped me generate more poems than I thought possible. Thanks, Sage, for keeping me joyfully motivated as I work toward creating another chapbook!” – Carolyn Martin

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“Sage is truly the most supportive guide, coach, and instructor on my poetic journey. She offers encouragement and positivity and permission to be exactly where I am. Plus she's an incredible teacher of craft. So grateful! I'm in the Published Poet Accelerator program right now and am learning so much. Thank you, Sage!” – Laura Loescher