I believe that we live not in our lives, but in the stories we tell about our lives.

Because of this, writing well can be a powerful path toward living well. The stories we choose to tell are the ones that shape the people we become. Yet, many of us are not aware that we have agency over the stories that come to define us.

Writing is my life practice. It is my love practice. It is my evolution practice.

It is the channel though which I discover how I feel and what I believe. It is the enzyme that helps me digest experience and alchemize wisdom.

I believe that the personal is the portal to the universal.

I write in hopes of recognizing myself and seeing you more clearly. Who do we become when we say something new? Where does beauty live, and to what name does it answer? How does writing include us to each other?

I believe that every failure refines us as writers and as humans.

When we lean into our mistakes and seek the opportunities, we learn to trust ourselves. When we take risks and see we can survive them, we anchor our authority and become our own, best experts.

I believe that revealing the truth about our lives may be the most important contribution we can make.

Let’s tell the stories that bring us closer to who we are. Let’s write the words that move us though experience to interpretation to grace.