Individual Coaching Program

For just three writers every year, I offer an exclusive, six-month coaching program to help you identify and move toward your  goals. Learn more about my approach and how you can apply.

Fierce Writers Success Circle

For advanced writers looking to take your writing and publishing practices to the next level, I offer a Fierce Writers Success Circle. This group offers structured support, guidance, and empowerment for a community of 12 writers. The Success Circle meets weekly for virtual coaching and gathers in a private Facebook group to help you define success on your own terms, identify individual goals, then establish your most effective strategies and practices for reaching them. Learn more about my approach and how you can apply for the next session.

Single Consultation

Do you have questions about the writing, publishing, or authoring life? Are you looking for a window into business copywriting or running a marketing communications business? I can’t tell you what you should do in your writing life, because only you will be able to discover what’s best for you. But in an hour-long consult, I can share with you the choices I have made and the thinking that informed those choices. Schedule your consult. 

Workshops and Conferences

I speak and teach around the country and (virtually) around the globe at a range of workshops and conferences. I’d love to connect with you live! Check out my Events page to learn where I’m appearing next.

Sage Cohen Global

I write the words and craft the strategies that accelerate business for companies including Blue Shield, American Express, McKesson, and Xerox. How can I help you?

Radical Divorce

I support divorcing parents as they move from grief to growth—so the whole family can thrive. Learn more.