I feel that Sage’s feedback has encouraged me to dream, fly and weave rather than simply walk or run, to create with the knowledge that unlike most prose, poetry is not predicated on words lining up in sentences and walking across the page one after another following the laws of syntax.”Maureen
“You are really good at this instructor stuff. I could tell from your book that you had a gift for teaching. And I was excited to be able to participate in your class. You are not only a good poet, but a thoughtful and insightful instructor—hell of a combo that not many possess. Thanks for sharing the gift.”J.D.
“Thank you, thank you for a wonderful class. It surpassed my expectations. You are a skilled and inspiring teacher. I also found myself admiring how hard you work. The class was extremely well-organized, and you provided thoughtful, constructive feedback with each lesson.”Antoinette
“I wanted to tell you what rich prompts you had at the workshop, questions and thoughts all of us could use, not just writers. I told my therapist one of them, and he was delighted (and wrote one down) to work with this material and what it inspired through me! So, you have far reaching benefits of your work. We just never know where stuff lands and who it heals, do we?Christine
“Sage is a gifted teacher. I’m learning a lot and will be revisiting each lesson. As I do, I will be hearing Sage’s kind, inviting voice to have fun and be brave with writing.”Vi
Sage, your feedback opened doors that had been long closed. Your comments offer me glimpses ….a new way to look at my own work. Your clear, encouraging, and gentle feedback offered me new ideas for how to improve the work that I have. A boon!”Polly
 “This class is showing me a way past that helpless feeling of not knowing when poems are finished or what to focus in on to make them better.”Elizabeth
“So grateful for all the inspiration, resources, and feedback you’ve offered. It’s a treasure trove of information for me to study and work with. Your lessons are generous with advice. I am honored to have the opportunity to take your class, and I am indebted to you for encouraging me to follow the golden thread.”Thuy
“You certainly have a knack for critiquing poems. I could tell you entered into the spirit of my poems because of your empathic and insightful comments. And the specificity of your suggestions helped me a lot. I agree with most of your written comments and will be tweaking these poems some more, thanks to your perspective. I am so happy that I chose you to do this manuscript critique!”Andy
You strike me as one of Michelangelo’s Prisoners who is free, or nearly so.”Brant