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Sage Cohen’s Fierce on the Page is a practical, soulful, and brilliant new book that will help you cultivate strengths, transform practices, and create the life and the work you desire. This book is brimming with keys that are essential for every writer and will empower you to experience new paradigms of productivity, sufficiency, and fulfillment.Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money
We write to create ourselves, to discover—moment to moment to moment—who we are, who we are becoming. In Fierce on the Page, Sage Cohen exhorts us to fuel this arduous, exhilarating self-creation with the ferocity of dedication and desire. Showing us how to fashion our own personal “bylaws about the paradoxes of authenticity and perfection, failure and success,” she inspires us each to become—through the passionate work of writing—the best of our possible selves.Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita
Wow. That is the word I exclaimed aloud over and over as I read Sage Cohen’s shining new book. I have published several books with a major publisher, so I feel like I should be able to face blank page with equanimity by now. But of course I can’t—every project is a wild adventure. Like nothing I’ve ever read, Fierce on the Page brings honest inspiration to the multi-faceted, never-ceasing challenge of the writing process. With story, humor, grace, heart, and vast experience, Cohen teaches us to forge our own path through the intertwined tasks of creating an authentic human life and an authentic writing life. The exercises are incisive and original, and, yes, fierce. I am recommending this book to every writer I know.Lyanda Haupt, author of The Urban Bestiary and Crow Planet
Usually, bedtime reading is my favorite but be warned: Sage Cohen’s new book Fierce on the Page should only be read during your fully awake hours. After reading the first few pages, I couldn’t fall sleep because I had to write. In more than 70 short and beautiful essays, Cohen delves into every aspect of a writer’s psychological, emotional and creative journey. Each essay is a gem filled with a story and loving guidance for how to take the next brave step into your writing life. Beware: you will lust for writing after reading this book.Gigi Rosenberg, author of The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing
After reading Fierce on the Page, you understand there is nothing you cannot accomplish—in writing, in love, in life. Don’t be afraid. Just take Sage’s hand and she will guide you with all her wild and wondrous wisdom toward your fiercely creative self.Shanna Germain, author of The Lure of Dangerous Woman
Your writing life will not only be changed, but your inner ear will feel what momentum for life in general is supposed to feel like viscerally, a startling mix of discipline, gratitude, and playful daring. Rev Mantu Joshi, author of The Resilient Parent: Everyday Wisdom for Life with Your Exceptional Child
This book has made me re-evaluate so much about my life, my attitude, my relationships, the way I parent, and so much more. Sage has a phenomenal perspective and is a master at shining a light on what has been hiding in plain sight.Michelle Ehrhard, Editor and Proofreader
I think the content of the book is marvelous but most importantly, people respond to Sage’s spirit and her willingness to share her soul. We are there because we trust her to be our guide to our own feelings while witnessing hers.Steve Williams, author of Thirteen: A Poem