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Hello, and thanks for stopping by The Path of Possibility in Writing and in Life! My name is Sage Cohen, and I’m a poet, author, teacher, seeker, mother and friend. My muse menagerie includes one toddler, three cats and two dogs. For 13 years, I have run my own marketing communications firm where I write strategic content for businesses of every stripe.

I created this blog to contemplate with you both what’s possible in our writing lives and how writing can make our lives more possible.

On Tuesdays, I’ll be offering productivity tips for writers. And on Fridays, I’ll be offering contemplations, tips, and breadcrumb trails into the possibilities of the life poetic. Please help yourself to the free Productivity Power Tools workbook companion to my just-released book, The Productive Writer. You’ll find the download link in the middle column, below my books. I’m also thrilled to be offering a range of interactive, online classes in poetry, productivity and marketing communications writing. In the coming months, the store will fill up with other fun things for poets and writers; I’ll keep you informed along the way.

For me, writing is a path. It is my lens of contemplation, my alchemical fire and the meditation from which I discover who I am and what I believe.

Why do you write, and what are you striving to create?

It’s good to be traveling with you!

The word is the way,

Sage Cohen

4 Comments on “Welcome to The Path of Possibility!”

  1. Thank you Sage for all the inspiration in the form of poetry, your books, your websites, your tips and charts and courses . . . As for my own productivity tip, I have to start the day with my own writing or editing. Right now it’s editing a non-fiction book called Writing Home. I need to reflect and connect to my writing before I check email and find out what others are requesting of me. Then I have my own set of criteria to determine whether I can take on a new activity or assignment. Is it paid? Are there benefits for growing my own mentoring program Writing Home? Is it the best choice at this time? How much time does it take? Is it something I would enjoy doing? Does it offer community building?

  2. Thank you, Mary Ann. Sounds like you have some great strategies for putting your work first and evaluating what’s a fit for your priorities…I appreciate you sharing your approach here! Happy editing!

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