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Want to start 2011 on the right side of the poetic fence? My dear friend, blogger and author Fiona Robyn is offering a wonderful invitation to to help you get a sure poetic foothold in the New Year. Fiona just introduced a river of stones, an international project that encourages people to engage with the world through writing a short observational piece every day throughout January. Here’s what Fiona has to say about it:

* * * * *

You might have heard of NaNoWriMo, where participants are encouraged to write an entire novel in a single month.

I would like to announce a new event beginning on January the 1st 2011: NaSmaStoMo. National Small Stone Month. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write a small stone every day during the month of January.

What is a small stone?

A small stone is a polished moment of paying proper attention. You can see many fine examples at our sister blogzine, a handful of stones. You can read more about the birth of the concept of small stones here and how to write them here.

Why would you want to join in?

Because choosing something to write about every day will help you to connect with yourselves, with others, and with the world. It will help you to love everything you see – the happy and the sad, the light and the dark, the beautiful and the ugly.

Will you join me?

I’d especially like ‘writers’ and ‘non-writers’ to get involved. If you’re too shy for a blog, you can write your small stones in a note-book. It could change your entire year…

Sign up instructions

1. Let me know the web address where you’ll be posting the small stones (or your name if you’ll be using a notebook and you’d like to be added to the list).

2. I’ll be sending out occasional emails to let everyone know how we’re getting on – if you’d like me to include you in these, send me an email (telling me which blog is yours) at fiona@fionarobyn.com.

3. Any help with spreading the word would be much appreciated. Put the badge on your blog, pass this blog address on to your friends, put details about NaSmaStoMo on Facebook and Twitter, blog about the project. Email your friends. Write NaSmaStoMo in the sky with your aeroplane.

* * * * *

Write a small stone a day, and by the end of the month, you may have a river of stones to lead you back to your source. If you have any small stones that you particularly admire, I’d love for you to share them here!

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