Poetry prompt: Write a poem-long metaphor

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When I launched this blog, I promised that Fridays would be poetry days. And I got a bit off track these past few months. As I’m kicking back into teaching mode, I thought it would be fun to offer a poetry prompt every Friday for at least a few months. I hope you’ll play/write along! Today’s invitation: write a poem … Read More

Hachikō, Hamachi and other wonders

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Before I was married, my dog Hamachi (a German Shepherd mix) slept beside me in bed, her head on the “his” pillow, her limbs intertwined with mine. When I dated a man whose Australian Shepherd also believed she belonged on the bed, I expanded to a king size bed to accommodate the four of us. Years later, my husband voted … Read More

Dear God,

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I thought forgiveness was a choice like wearing the black shoes with the grey tights, face arranged for the mirror. I thought I could make a bouquet of my thoughts, thirst clipped to the small bowl of understanding. Politely, I swallowed my life as if I were smuggling myself in until rage burned my bones clean. Blood the story passed … Read More

Dear Divorce,

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Your branding iron hovers over me as if there were only one way to give up hope. The lawyer has advised me who owes what. How we can expect to be judged. There are precedents for everything in the unwinding of yours from mine. I know there have been endless sons shuttled from half-home to half-home that won’t add up … Read More

Infuse your muse with the *Writing the Life Poetic* e-zine

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Happy second week of National Poetry Month! I hope you are are in a poetic rhythm that delights you! Want some good company this month? I’d like to invite you to check out a publication I edit and publish: *Writing the Life Poetic*, a free, bi-monthly e-zine that delivers information and inspiration about the life poetic from these legendary, Portland-area … Read More

Happy National Poetry Month!

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There’s no better time than April to wet your poetic whistle. It’s National Poetry Month, and around the world and the web, there are endless events, communities and opportunities where you can connect, write, and steep in poetic possibilities. I’d like to tell you about a few. To jump-start your poetic process, consider participating in a poem-a-day challenge. Get a … Read More

A Dictionary of the Cathedral

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In my devotion, the candle was dumb. It came to me in birds. It came to me scuffed with thrust. It came to me withered, split. It came to me silent as a knife, fat with treasure. It was a feather pluming my plow, a borrowed dress dragged to dust. In my absence, I could not find the husk. Shame sailed … Read More