Join me in a FREE teleclass on navigating fear

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Thursday, January 6, 2011 // 5:30 to 6:30 PM, PST (8:30 to 8:30 PM, ET) FREE Teleclass through The Renegade Writer: Using Fear as Fuel When Writing and Querying Do you struggle with fear, perfectionism, or feelings of inadequacy in your writing and publishing life? Have you avoided opportunities or challenges because you were certain that you’d be rejected or … Read More

Take the small-stone challenge with Fiona Robyn

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Want to start 2011 on the right side of the poetic fence? My dear friend, blogger and author Fiona Robyn is offering a wonderful invitation to to help you get a sure poetic foothold in the New Year. Fiona just introduced a river of stones, an international project that encourages people to engage with the world through writing a short … Read More

Should writers tweet?

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Do you tweet? Are you curious about trying? Why should a writer use twitter, anyway? And what’s the best way to get started? Robert Lee Brewer (poet and editor of Writer’s Market, and Poet’s Market) has a really great post called Twitter Cheat Sheet for Writers (Updated) that explains the advantages of tweeting, gives an overview of the terminology, gives … Read More

Dear Fritz Guest House,

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I sleep the sleep of seagulls. Sucked-out shell and salt. I fold my wings in and tuck my head under like the idea of a ship and slip along the surface of time. It has taken 41 years to prepare this body for living. Beside my bed the blown-over trees seem to be aching with every arm they have for … Read More

Dear Henry,

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What has it cost you to love me? Sentry to this sanctum, you station yourself each night between my sleep and the door. There will be no surprises on your watch. Insistent on deference, you have kept one step behind me with your jolly, lopsided skip, refused the front seat, denied the bed’s hierarchy for more than eleven years. Together, … Read More

7 great ways to make 2011 more poetic and productive

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January is going to be one heckuva month over here at Path of Possibility world headquarters! I’ll be launching three, online classes for students around the world, reading at several free (and inspiring) Portland events, speaking in New York City and offering a free teleclass to listeners everywhere. (Plus, if you’re in the Portland area, I’d love to say hello … Read More

Dear Poem,

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Theo and I sit on the loveseat, my body a parenthesis enclosing the small exclamation of his. We study the six spider webs on the other side of our dividing glass that seem to hold our home together. This is what it is like to be inside of you dew suggesting diamonds all along the improbable silk of your weave … Read More

Welcome to The Path of Possibility!

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Hello, and thanks for stopping by The Path of Possibility in Writing and in Life! My name is Sage Cohen, and I’m a poet, author, teacher, seeker, mother and friend. My muse menagerie includes one toddler, three cats and two dogs. For 13 years, I have run my own marketing communications firm where I write strategic content for businesses of … Read More