Productivity Tip Tuesday: Find it Online Faster

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“It’s great to spend time reading, traveling, interviewing, and soaking up atmosphere. But in reality, depending on the story, you can often achieve verisimilitude with a much smaller investment of resources. Online, you can find three-dimensional maps that put you in the street, reams of searchable data about every imaginable topic, and images that help you find just the right … Read More

Productivity Tip Tuesday: Redundancy Power

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“I use a triple-tracking system to track the personal essays I submit to magazines. This includes a master list so I can glimpse what’s ‘out in the world.’ Each publication has its own page so I can see how many times I’ve submitted to The Sun for example. And each essay has its own page so I can track how … Read More

Productivity Tip Tuesday: Start where you are

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“Every book and article by a famous writer will say that you need to have a daily writing practice in order to be successful. And I’m not discounting that, but only offering the caveat that it’s easy for them to say this—they are further along in their success with being productive writers than we are. And offering this advice to … Read More

The Word is the Way

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We all walk our own paths to discover heaven on earth. My portal has always been poetry. At the borrowed retreat house, I place the blue mug on the red counter, lay the dog bed down. How little it takes to make a house a home. As each turn in the travel reveals a new landscape rising up, I recognize … Read More

Living Below the Radar

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Excerpted from “Living Below the Radar,” published on newssip. My father taught me how to drive, how to swing a tennis racquet, that when you are given extra change at the cash register, you always return it. Together, through his patience of repetitive testing, we letter-pressed an entire vocabulary of synonyms and antonyms into the pulpy paper of my teenage … Read More