And then there were none

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There is a woman in my neighborhood who walks. 13 years ago, when I was new in my house, my two young, strapping dogs jumped her two young, beautiful dogs as they were passing by and we were getting into the car. In this shocking and unprecedented moment, something deep down in our tribal animal brains was decided. Our packs … Read More

Honor every completion

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We all recognize that a project or goal is complete when we cross the finish line. And I love breaking through those big ribbons of ultimate triumph as much as the next person. But I think when we are intent on that Big Finish, we can lose sight of all of the Little Finishes along the way. I believe this … Read More

What are your tools and talismans?

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When graphic designer, illustrator, art director and painter Liz Kalloch invited me to be a part of her year-long Tools & Talismans story/painting project several months ago, I shared with her a photo of my most prized work tools and precious writing talismans—and wrote a short description of each, as requested. Choosing and honoring these precious objects gave me an enormous infusion of gratitude for … Read More

Making the Crossing: A Poetry Workshop for People in Transition

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Hello and happy National Poetry Month! I am so delighted to be offering a free (with admission or membership) live poetry workshop this month designed to help you navigate transition. Transitions can be powerful times of creative energy. And poetry can be a potent way to harness and steer this energy toward greater clarity and intention. I invite you to join me in the … Read More

Inspiration loves company: Meet Jill Kelly

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Hello and happy 2016! It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you! My blog has been quiet while I spent a good part of 2015 hunkered down writing my next book, Fierce on the Page. It’s coming to bookshelves near you in July from Writer’s Digest Books, and I’m excited to tell you more about that soon. Today, what has me totally … Read More

An interview with Jordan Rosenfeld, Author of A Writer’s Guide to Persistence

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I have long admired Jordan Rosenfeld for her literary wisdom and grace. A powerful role model for persistence, she has three new books out this year, with a fourth on its way—and a long history of inspiring and informing writers striving to improve their craft and their practice. I’m thrilled to share our conversation about the recently released A Writer’s Guide to Persistence. SC: Why is … Read More

More Like Music

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We all need a line against which to measure our wildness. The park is cut back along the path. I align my spine with the heavy bench, send my legs out around your waist as the sun heats a halo through your long black hair. Today I can understand how the scientists misjudged the universe’s color for turquoise when really … Read More

An audience of one changes everything

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When you’ve completed a piece of writing, what do you do with it? Do you tell yourself something unfriendly about your skills or your poem/story/essay/novel/article? Do you let it languish in a mute folder in your computer or filing cabinet? Does your cat sleep on it? Do you revise it repeatedly until you’ve thoroughly exhausted the impulse that called this piece of writing … Read More

Happy National Poetry Month!

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When a global community brings its awareness, joy, and poetry to a shared sense of purpose and passion, so much more is possible. I want to invite you to ride the wave throughout April! Whether you have an active poetry practice, have been meaning to get back to writing poems, or have always wondered whether you might enjoy poetry, now … Read More