The Art of Asking for It

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There’s so much in life that’s out of our hands. One variable we are (mostly) in charge of is ourselves.

If you want to turn what stalls you into what accelerates you, adjusting your attitude and approach can take you there.

Let’s start with something you are likely to have plenty of: dissatisfaction.

Most of us express our dissatisfaction by complaining. This keeps us stuck there, in whatever isn’t working for us. And it puts the listener (who didn’t delight us) on the defensive.

Here’s the secret to turning that ship around.

A complaint is just a desire in disguise.

Buried deep in every pile of dissatisfaction is a seed of desire. When you dig a little deeper to find that desire, you can transform complaints into irresistible requests that increase your odds of getting what you want. This free worksheet shows you how.

Think about it. Which of these scenarios would likely inspire you to cooperate? Your colleague whines that you’ll ruin their reputation by missing your deadline (as you have before). Or, your colleague approaches you with excitement and gratitude about how meeting your deadline can help you both succeed.

No one is motivated by others’ disappointment. Enrolling others in your desires puts everyone in the power position. And the good news is every complaint can simply be re-purposed into a request that takes you there.

I made this free worksheet to help you move from dissatisfaction to desire in three simple steps. So, you can get more of what you want!

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